50% Hemp + 20% Linen + 30% Lyocell
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Rs. 710
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Rs. 680
To order bulk quantities over 100m, Please email us at: sales@hempfabriclab.com
Just curious about our fabric? Order a swatch sample at a flat rate of 45 INR (Taxes applicable). Size: 5.5" x 3.5". For bulk or wholesale orders and prices, please email us at : sales@hempfabriclab.com along with the fabric name and code.

A soft to touch Fabric (in meters), Uruguay can be used for making shirts and even in home decor for table and bed linen.

  • Code: BF 17 G
  • Type: Woven
  • GSM: 140-150
  • Finish: Bleached White
  • Width: 58 Inches