3 Indian Fashion Labels Using Hemp To Make Eco-Friendly Clothes

3 Indian Fashion Labels Using Hemp To Make Eco-Friendly Clothes

As we plunge deeper into the abyss of consumerism, our resources cry out for help. Our synthetic alternatives, like plastic, have already become a burden for the environment, and the need to look for alternative resources is at an all-time high. While some are finding creative ways to upcycle scrap, others are actively engaged in exploring eco-friendly alternatives or trying to undo the damage done by fast fashion. And in all this chaos, hemp fibre seems to have risen to the occasion and allowed us all a sigh with relief.

Often considered a super fibre, hemp is one of the most sustainable alternatives we have today. It’s durable, requires 400 times less water and time to produce, and is antibacterial. It also offers protection against UV rays. Clearly, hemp’s benefits are countless and yet not enough people are aware of its sustainable properties. Perhaps because of how the benefits of sweet Indian hemp have been overshadowed by the stigmatising narcotic properties of certain strains of the plant.

But with more and more sustainable labels making it to the forefront of Indian fashion industry and individuals across the country actively giving up fast fashion, there’s no better time to explore the benefits of hemp fibre. Here’s a list of some fashion labels that are actively making use of cannabis hemp in their beautiful creations.

I. B Label By BOHECO

BOHECO, India’s premier Industrial Hemp & Medicinal Cannabis Company, has constantly made efforts towards bringing an assortment of haute couture sustainable organic fabrics, yarns and blends to the Indian populace. Especially if you’re looking for chic and trendy basics, that are also sustainable. From casual button-down t-shirts and light summer shorts for men to skater skirts and kimono tops for women, BOHECO has a range of apparel that’ll easily blend into the modern day aesthetic of your wardrobe.



With the aim of connecting travel to the cleanest, most sustainable designs, Sui’s core philosophy comprises responsible fashion that’s always in sync with the times. Hemp being their ‘star fabric’ is an integral element of most of their designs and helps ensure that every new collection has a unique ‘green’ heart. Their latest collection ‘You, me and the road’, is inspired not just by the raw beauty and cool coast of California but also by the importance of long-term survival of such natural beauty - which is only possible in a world where production is inherently responsible.


III. Bhu:Sattva

A Gujarat-based organic clothing brand that makes use of a variety of sustainable fibres including hemp, Bhu:Sattva’s core philosophy works in the opposite direction as that of fast fashion. Known for its vibrant colours that seem to be oozing out of nature’s offerings like beetroots, pomegranate, tree leaves etc., Bhu:Sattva’s designs are timeless and deeply rooted in the Indian ethos. Known for its smart cuts, vibrant colours, and eclectic designs, Bhu:Sattva is one of the few hemp-using organic brands in the country that has been around for almost a decade.


Special Mention

IV. Hemp Fabric Lab

While ready-made clothes are always a more convenient option, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. So for those who like complete control of the kind of clothes they wear, Hemp Fabric Label, an initiative of BOHECO, is an online store for sustainable fabrics made from hemp. Their fabrics come in a variety of colours, specific for different applications. You can also choose the type of fabric you want - handloom, knit, or woven. With hemp at the core of its production process, Hemp Fabric Label’s offerings are vast and can be suited to fit anyone’s needs.

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