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We want to make sustainable hemp fabric accessible so you can focus on making the world a better place.


We understand fabric shopping can be a painful process. So we decided to create the Hemp Fabric Lab: A one stop shop for innovators and creators to buy sustainable fabrics right from the comfort of their home. Our core material is hemp- an extremely durable and versatile fabric that uses 50% less water than cotton. (More water for us, yay!)

 We have stringent checks in place to ensure that our fabrics are produced ethically and are of the highest quality, which means that you don't have to worry about a thing. So sit back and relax because designing just became a whole lot easier.


We want fast fashion to become more responsible and our goal is to make hemp the no.1 fabric option for brands, designers and consumers because aside from not burdening our beautiful planet, it has some amazing properties which are a prerequisite for anyone whose focus is on quality.

Hemp is hypoallergenic, UV resistant, anti-bacterial, odour-resistant and it wears in over time. Hemp fabrics can be used for making baby clothes, maternity wear, hospital clothing, sportswear, shirts, dresses, pantsuits, shoes, bags, bed and bath linen. Have a look at hemp's different applications below and choose the appropriate fabric for your need. Let's get designing!


Hemp's tensile strength is 8x that of cotton, making it exceptionally strong and durable


Fabrics made from hemp are hypo-allergic and soften after every wash


Its odour and UV resistant qualities make it an ideal choice for the summer


Hemp is one of the most sustainable natural fibres in the world. It requires no pesticides, controls erosion of top soil and produces oxygen