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Hemp Fabric Lab

Hemp Fabric Lab is a one stop shop for innovators and creators to buy sustainable fabrics right from the comfort of home. Our core material is HEMP - an extremely durable and versatile fabric that uses 50% less water as compared to cotton. We have stringent checks in place to ensure that our fabrics are produced ethically and are of the highest quality. So sit back and relax because designing just became a whole lot easier.

Hemp fabric applications are limitless

Maker's made

Organically cultivated

Requires far lesser water to grow than other natural fibers

Strongest natural fiber

Carbon negative

UV-resistant & anti-bacterial

Gets better with every wash


Disclaimer : * Please note that these certifications are applicable on selected fabrics and not all fabrics are certified.

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We want to create an ecosystem where brands, designers, consumers, researchers and students can learn and create hemp products that look good but don’t burden our planet




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