1) Are hemp and Marijuana the same?

Hemp and Marijuana belong to different species of the Cannabis family and are vastly different from each other as shown in the table below:

2) Is Hemp Legal ?

Yes. Cultivation of cannabis for industrial purposes such as making industrial hemp is legal in India. The Government of India encourages research and cultivation of cannabis with low THC content.

3) Where are the fabrics produced?

A: Our hemp fabrics on offer are globally produced. We spin and source from East Asia, South East Asia, and East Europe. We work with our partner NGO, Athulya Krishi Foundation to source our handlooms that are produced by craft sectors in the Northern region of India and Nepal, and are run by self-help women groups.

4) How is hemp fabric produced?

A: Hemp fiber is made from the stalk of the plant Cannabis Sativa. After harvesting, the fiber goes through the process of retting, where the stem is separated from the woody core followed by fiber separation, a labor-intensive process where the fibers are broken down. The fine fiber is then cleaned, carded and then spun into a yarn. At Hemp Fabric Lab, we use different techniques like knitting, power loom, and handloom to convert these yarns into beautiful fabrics.

5) Do you provide any certification and what are the ethical standards involved in bringing the textiles to market?

A: For the fabric itself, sadly there is no certification at the moment. However, hemp as a crop requires very little to no pesticides to grow as compared to other natural fibers like cotton and flax. We do provide GOT certification for organic cotton that’s used in our blends, as well as AZO-free certification for our dyes. We have to use alkaline chemicals in the fiber processing otherwise the process becomes time consuming and expensive (hopefully there will be a greener and more economical solution for this in the future!). The good news is that our manufacturers have treatment plants installed in their factories which reuse waste water, so rest assured none of the bad stuff is going out into the oceans. Lastly, the softener used for finishing is water soluble.

6) What are the wash care instructions for hemp fabrics?

Washing : 

  • Hand wash or machine wash separately in cold water
  • Use diluted liquid mild soap or mild detergents
  • Do not use chlorinated bleach
  • Do not scrub


  • Ironing hemp becomes easier if the fabric is slightly damp
  • Iron on reverse


  • Line dry or use a lower heat cycle in a tumble dryer for the best results.

7) Will my hemp fabric shrink?

A: Drying wet hemp items in high heat will shrink them very quickly. It’s best to wash hemp fabrics cold and tumble low or line dry.

8) Is hemp fabric dyeable?

A: Yes, hemp fabrics are dyeable. As hemp is a natural fiber you can use direct, acid, disperse, reactive, vat or solubilized vat dyes.

9) What is the colour fastness of the dyed fabrics?

A: The colour fastness of the coloured hemp fabrics is 4/5.

10) How can I see the samples of these fabrics?

You can order our Master swatch book if you want to see the whole range or even customise a swatch book according to your requirements. Alternatively, you can also order our clipper sheet which contains small sized fabric cut-outs.